FAQ for Expecting Moms

Have you taken any workshops or had any training in posing newborns?

When I first started I was mostly self taught. As I continued to grow my art, I wanted to make sure I continued to learn and grow all technical and safety aspects of my niche.

I have attended many online Newborn Retreat Workshops, a personal skype one on one with Skye Johansen, a two day hands on workshop by Rachel Vanoven in Indianapolis Indiana, and twice have studied under Erin Tole out of Portland Oregon.

All of these photographers are the leaders in this industry and best of the best. I have also studied in Maternity, Family and Birth photography as well.

2. How long have you been working with posing Newborns?

I have 6 years of experience in newborn posing. As a child, I was always fighting over who could hold whatever baby was around.. not much has changed 😉

3. Do you do composites for difficult poses?

ABSOLUTELY. Your newborn’s safety is first and foremost. I NEVER risk your child’s safety to get “the shot”. Hands will always be within inches of your baby, or for the more “frog” or “prop” poses hands will be on baby at all times. Again, I have been in newborn photography for years now, so I have a solid foundation on what goes into the safety aspect of this type of photography.

4. Where does the newborn session take place?

My studio is located in Smyrna Tennessee. This is where all my hats, headbands, props, backdrops.. everything we need to have a complete session. For Newborn sessions, I am all studio light (however I have mastered the technique of

making it look as close to natural as possible. Just keep this in mind when you are scouring Pinterest). I am also open to traveling for out of state sessions.

5. How can we make sure my baby sleeps during our session?

I have a “Newborn Prep Packet” that I will send to you as soon as your baby has arrived. In this it will have all they key factors to make sure we have a super sleepy baby.

Want to hire me as your photographer?

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